Creekside Quilter
Creekside Quilter

Edge to Edge Quilting Services

I offer edge to edge designs that I quilt on my computerized longarm quilting machine. 


The price for these services is $.02 per square inch. 

To figure your total quilting expense:

length x width x $.02 = quilting fee


There is a miniumum charge of $60.



Quilting Prep

The following are preparation steps that you can do to help me provide you with the best longarm quilting possible.

  • make sure your backing fabric is 4" larger than your quilt top on all sides
  • make sure there are no loose threads or open seams
  • do not embellish your quilt until AFTER it is quilted
  • please indicate what direction the back should be if it matters



T-Shirt Quilts

I create a custom look with your T-Shirts that makes a perfect gift.


The price $17 per block.

This price includes the pieced top with your t-shirts, the backing fabric, and the batting. It also includes finishing the quilt on my INNOVA Mach 3 Long Arm quilting machine and binding. The quilting done this way will help the quilt last longer. Tied quilts allow the batting to shift when washed.


Call me or email me to get yours started today.  


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