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Creekside Quilter

The Creekside Quilter

Farmington, NY


Edge to Edge Quilting Services

I offer edge to edge designs that I quilt on my computerized longarm quilting machine. 


The price for these services is $.03 per square inch. 

To figure your total quilting expense: length x width x $.03 = quilting fee


There is a minimum charge of $60.

Quilting Prep

The following are preparation steps that you can do to help me provide you with the best longarm quilting possible.

  • make sure your backing fabric is 6" larger than your quilt top on all sides
  • make sure that your quilt and back are pressed and all sides are even
  • make sure there are no loose threads or open seams
  • do not embellish your quilt until AFTER it is quilted
  • please indicate what direction the back should be if it matters
  • If you piece your back and it has just one seam make sure it is a vertical seam. That is how I will be placing it on my longarm. 
  • If you have ANY questions please ask me. 

T-Shirt Quilts

I take your favorite T-shirts and turn them into a beautiful quilt.


I charge per block, not per shirt. I can sometimes get two or more blocks from a shirt. Depends on the shirt. 


$18/per block. This includes piecing, batting, backing, quilting, and binding your quilt. Contact me and we will figure out your cost. 

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